My name is Destiny. I am a 21 year old self taught lash tech located in Miami, Fl. I first tried lashes when I was 18; after watching a couple YouTube videos I ordered everything that I needed from Amazon (everything but a mannequin head and training lashes). My very first time was on my cousin Deborah, I took five hours and I promise she had about five lashes on each eye. See the thing with me though, I did everything correctly... I REALLY pay attention to detail. I made sure her bottom lashes were taped down correctly, that I wasn't using to much glue, and I isolated. I left it alone for some time. Then one day my creative spark came (Im going to create a name for it, because it happens at random times but no too often and I am ready to start something). I decided to try again but I noticed my glue was completely dried out. I ordered some more and sat on the couch and watched literally ONE YouTube video and was like "I got this" So I did my cousin lashes again. YALL when I say I MUTTED her lashes (mutted slang for either something did terrible or good..and in this case I did good) That was all I needed for me to keep going. I did my sister, Diana, lashes, but hers were really curly I did okay. I did not get discouraged, I still was going to go on this lash journey. From there I was practicing on my sister, mom, and friend Jereya. I would say I started @THEalluringminks shortly after I kept practicing and this was in 2019 (looking back at those pictures, they could have stayed in my camera roll a little longer lmao). I got the name from my personal Instagram @alluringdestiny which came about when I was in middle school, I remember searching for synonyms of beautiful on thesaurus.com and I merged it with my name. Around the start of COVID (March 2020) is when my business boomed and I got better, I was BOOKED back to back all that practice got me to where I am now. I want to be clear that my prices were low, I gradually raised them slowly. But I believe that was the right thing to do, I would have never got so many clients being "okay" with high prices. Those clients really help with practice! Im all for the "charge for your time and what you believe you're worth" but always remember to be real with yourself! I was going to Barry University, for business management. I was in nursing at first but then I decided I wasn't happy, I just have a deep love for biology. Im very thankful for the people who were in my life at that time. I was a  BIG complainer and I was so scared to make a change, and they listened and was there every step of the way. Which made me go over to business (I was practicing lashes end of 2019 going into 2020). Juggling school and lashes, I noticed how good I got, how much clientele I built, and how annoying online school was with COVID... I decided to drop out of Barry University. Yeah I dropped out, but I'm happy with my decision. I do think that I might go back one day, if I do it'll still be for Business. I continue to go harder and harder for my business, this is my child. She has to continue to grow, I can't allow her to be stagnant. Thank you for reading!