To book a lash class please use this link.. Our courses are bookable to your convenience. Whatever works best for your busy schedule.

The classic and classic+volume courses are 2 days. The first day is me, you, and a mannequin head for four hours. I teach you the technique and everything there is to know about lashes (respectable to your course). The second day must be booked within 3 months of the first day and after much practice. (get your moneys worth PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE) This time you come with a model and I help you do a set; I let you know what you need to improve before you start taking your clients and from there you should be taking clients in no time!

The volume course must be booked by existing lash techs (that can do a full set correctly). Let me know what's your end goal with the course and that is what we will focus on. I can teach you specific sets and even how to transition from easy fans. This course is 4 hrs and you must come with a model.